Saturday vinyl hunt: Murat Tepeli “Fee Fi Foe Funk For Me”


Two weeks ago i was warming up Prosumer at club “Opium” in Vilnius.  His first track was a remix for Murat Tapeli “Forever” and personally for me it was a highlight of his whole set (except the shorts, which Prosumer always wears during his performance). As his music selection is so versatile, i was thinking it will take me at least half a year to digg it, but i am a lucky bastard. It has just been released and is already in my case. My local record shop keeper (Grooveattack Records) even suggested to choose a colour for the record cover (the square in the middle is a jersey material available in 12 colour combinations). Back to the record. It`s a long waited return of a very well-known duo: Murat Tepeli & Prosumer. This release on Damiano von Erckert runned Cologne label Ava Records makes another clear statement, how much freshness and undiscovered space there is in House music. All frour tracks are in their own way charming,  but the Piano line in the Prosumer remix is just outstanding and makes the whole 12″ a must have!


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