Saturday vinyl hunt: Axel Boman “Black Magic Bomann EP”


Most of my vinyl purchases are concentrated on their utilization, namely dance floor. And this is one the reasons, why i almost missed this fantastic record. Axel Boman with his unique ability to create sophisticated buildups, breakdowns and fillups is a master of slow-groove dance floor killers. The only way not to miss them is to listen to the records from the very beginning to the end. This is the advantage of searching music in the old fashioned way – the physical local record store. Anyway, the fact that i am a very big fan of Axel’s together with Kornél Kovács and Petter Nordkvist co-founded label Studio Barnhus didn’t make it easier, as this EP was released not on his own label and neither on Koze’s Pampa, but unexceptionally on UK’s left-of-centre electronic music label Hypercolour. The track “Cubic Mouth” is the winner, but “Look What You Have Done To Me” is the only longer track shortcut found online. Grab this 12″ as it will be sold out soon, if not already.


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