#BloodForAlbum – T.Raumschmiere – T.Raumschmiere LP

Beautiful T.Raumschmiere‘s – founder’s of the legendary Shitkatapult label – album, which i spotted at my local record store. With this late discovery i recognised,  how much i missed this kind of quality ambientic sound, which provides a perfect accompaniment during any kind of “dolce far niente” .

Check the promo text or just get your own impression on youtube and soundcloud: “There is a purpose behind ambient music: it is utility music. Brian Eno made that clear. If we go by Eno’s definition, the music on T.Raumschmiere‘s new album is not ambient. Although – or in fact, because – each individual track on this album immediately and effortlessly generates atmospheres, it is impossible not to be drawn in. T.Raumschmiere sucks the listener into the perceptible endlessness of his pulsating sounds, even though the music does not actually expect anything from the listener. It is not demanding, it does not sound lofty or ethereal. It is in constant movement and evolution while sounding grounded at the same time. The tracks are not weightless; they have body.”


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