#DigitalSwamp – AQNB – Even My Dreams Don’t Go Outside – Art and Music Compendium

The compilation (available just over direct download, and not over the regular digital distributions platforms) i discovered over Know V.A. sharing the RUI HO’s “Berserk” track.

But the UK based songwriter’s Fauness song “Window” topped it by unleashing a very rare tickling over my backhead, which with time appears more an more rarely while digging the music.

even my dreams don’t go outside” is a download-only release of new music and visual works compiled and curated by AQNB. The  compilation consists 10 new tracks and five visual artworks from artists who have featured on the London and Los Angeles-based editorial platform in the recent past, as well as from those helping to define our scene into the future. It’s inspired by the endless scroll of introspection that has come to define the day-to-day of life in self-isolation, and exists to build positive momentum for our scene and financial support for the artists involved during lockdown. The purchase link and more information here.


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