#BloodForRecord – V/A – Danzas Electricas

Various Artists Danzas Electricas LP

What a compilation on Macadam Mambo label founded by the frenchmen Sacha Mambo and Guillaume Des Bois. The label is not focused on aparticular genre – everything from Euro-disco to synth-pop, Italo, EBM, library, post-punk, progressive rock, acid house, folk, exotic and other obscure styles, what could be dancefloor music or not. For the second release of 2017 Macadam Mambo is launching a special compilation of adjustments made by friends and members of the label (Kilian Krings, Sneaker/Dunkeltier, Obermannkind, Panoptique, Mori Ra, Shiny Boots, Misha Geylen, Smagghe & Cross, Guillaume des Bois,  Johan Ressle). Mostly very obscure tracks in Sacha’s “Metalic vibe” – from post-punk to synth-pop, experimental and more… Massive Tip!

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