#SaturdayVinylHunt – VA – Quite Good Tracks Vol 1

Cestraw record cover cr002

I have just discovered a new Cologne label Cestraw runned by Adryiano in the brand new local recordstore Tonic Drift Records round the corner. Typical “less is more” strategy with no content marketing, but it perfectly fits the immortal claim “music is the answer”. Here is the promo text they provide: “If this record was a fruit, it would be two melons. But it’s not. It’s a compilation of four tracks by Adryiano, Monogenic, Kastil and D.J. Shmugs – most probably for club use. Or work, if you are weird enough. Tip: Tracks so different you can secretly flip the record and play them all to save space in your record bag”. That’s it. My applouses goes to the following tracks:


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