#BloodForRecords – Ostgut Ton | Zehn (10×12″ Box)

various artists - zehn - ostgut ton

This month my blood goes to a massive limited vinyl box from one of my favourite labels. Ostgut Ton turns 10 years with a label compilation “Zehn” and 30 new exclusive tracks. Within this time, Ostgut Ton has grown as a label not only in terms of catalogue numbers and musical variety, but also in terms of experience, professionally and as a musical haven for Berghain’s and Panorama Bar‘s residents. But so much for looking backwards. Because in times where young people are discovering Techno and House for the very first time and others are rediscovering the genre that has been defining popular and club culture for well over thirty years, many think pieces these days seem very much obsessed with the exploration and idealisation of dance music’s past. Ostgut Ton‘s “Zehn” is not intended to be nostalgia, not a best of ten years, not a testament of Ostgut Ton‘s past. It’s an adult statement of the label’s status quo as well as a glimpse of what’s forthcoming – at the end of a decade, on the brink of the future. I wish Ostgut Ton all the best in continuing delivering top techno productions for the next 10 years and start saving for the next “Fünfzehn” and “Zwanzig”.


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