#BloodForAlbum – Vril “Portal” LP

Vril "Portal" LP

Finally a proper techno album, which masters a perfect balance between classic and modern sound. All tracks have the “groove”, which is personally one of the most important factors for any style record. I noticed Vril through his more leftfied and detroit soundish “Tourus” LP on Giegling Records sub-label Forum (i consider to buy thia record almost one year long). Unfortunately there is almost no information who’s behind Vril, so below you will find a short summarised info available on web.

The word “Vril” first appeared in The Coming Race, Edward Bulwer-Lytton’s 1871 novel about a subterranean civilisation. There’s also a theory that it was later adopted by a group of German occultists called The Vril Society. But those with more of an interest in bleak techno than black magic will associate it with another shadowy cabal: the artists of Germany’s Giegling label, whose offshoot, Forum, released this otherwise nameless producer’s debut album, Torus LP. Vril has also forged his own apocryphal tales: Delsin Records, who released his second album, claim the 2014 Vortekz EP was so heavy it caused the mastering machinery to crash. It’s a story you’re more likely to believe after listening to Portal, an album that makes you feel like you’re being dragged deep into the bowels of the Earth. One day Vril sat down in his station and suddenly a Portal opened. Thru a kind of timehole infinitive moments passed by. Luckily he was able to capture a few of those to share with us. The Portal closed. Nothing was left, no questions, only this LP.

Also check Vril‘s brilliant performance on Boileroom. Quality!


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