#SaturdayVinylHunt: Damiano Von Erckert “Mickey M. And The Marlboro Man”


Another big release from from my beloved and fresh house music label AVA situated in my town of residence – Cologne.  AVA is runned and all records covers are handmade by Damiano von Erckert himself. To be honest, i own all AVA releases, as it’s sound perfectly fits my attitude to and taste of classic house music evolution. Brilliant release as usual. My biggest applauses goes to “All About Lovin’ Me (4 O’clock. You Are In A Club Remix) – check it’s original version video clip on Youtube. I am almost sure Damiano is dancing himself in the video, which totally fits his DYI concept.  For more information check the promo text below.

Last AVA. release in 2014 comes from label head Damiano von Erckert himself. Well known for fresh collaborations von Erckert links up this time with Chicago based soulful house legend Peven Everett. After a very successful year and a lot of hype around his name, von Erckert keeps movin’ forward with ‘MICKEY M. AND THE MARLBORO MAN’ and represents the AVA. sound in its roots. Groove, dance and a big smile.Damiano’s and Peven Everett’s collaboration ‘All about lovin’ me’ shows the connection and similarities between those two guys: Soul. Von Erckerts ‘4 O’ Clock. You Are In A Club Mix’ of ‘All about lovin’ me’ is much more danceable and darker then the original version. House groover ‘Diamonds and Girls’ is released on this EP as well, which is on heavy rotation worldwide by lots of DJs and friends of AVA. We’re very happy to welcome Max Graef on this release joining the AVA. family, who’s responsible for some of the most influential jazzy house sound of Germany the last 2 years. His remix of ‘All about lovin’ me’ is just another proof of his big talent. A big year for AVA. and von Erckert.


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