#ClassicsVinylHunt: impLOG “Holland Tunnel Dive”


What a catch. I was almost 8 years after this record, since i heard it first time in the Andrew Weatherhall’s mix CD for the party series “Wrong Meeting” in the London’s T-Bar event, which he shortly did with Ivan Smagghe in 2006. I always called it a hoover track and never knew it was done back in 1979. It’s a pure gift to the future, as it still sounds very modern. A must have for all the no wavers!

Here is more info for the real diggers: “impLOG was the solo project of Don Christensen (now he is a painter) after leaving New York No Wave group The Contortions in 1979. He began making music using found sounds, a Univox drum machine, guitar stomp boxes, Casio keyboards and percussion instruments. ‘Holland Tunnel Dive’ is a monotone lament, with a narrator reciting a list of all that is missing in his life along to a sparse, mechanical beat. A variable speed Milwaukee drill creeps its way into the song, eventually reaching cacophonous levels. After four minutes of industrial motorik, an upbeat saxophone riff breaks out unexpectedly, unsettling the listener even further.”

Pure Diamond in the darkness!



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