#BloodForAlbum: Matt Karmil “—-“

Matt Karmil ---- LP

Finally an album, which perfectly fits an old, classic and golden sound of Kompakt. Matt Karmil’s “—-“ found it’s place in the Popnoname’s label PNN. Pure Cologne electronics, which are worth my blood donation at Cologne Uniklink. This was also a reason to start my special vinly only mix for the Supynes Festival in 2014. Definitely a name to follow in the forthcoming year. More information in the promo text bellow.

Matt Karmil —- to whom we appeal ? How do we learn through experience ? What differentiates us from other animals ? Who is confronted by freedom ? Who is comforted by opportunity ? Who was the pioneer ? Who transcends verbal communication ? A point of view of an avant-garde reality – a transitory party. The world is not round – it is a disc. After years of working in various, shall we say, departments of music, Matt Karmil was almost forced into releasing his own first 12″ – a chance meeting with Ada after an invitation to play with Cologne Tape led to the release of irr 15 – the reverse peephole ep. With support from Barnt, Dj Koze, Axel Boman and Michael Mayer amoungst many others, things really couldn’t have got off to a more surprising start – ‘I’ve never sent a demo to anyone, and really thought that people wouldn’t be so interested in the music I just made to entertain myself, but I’m starting to realise that the more I make music based on that premise, the more other people seem to enjoy it’. The somewhat nomadic Matt Karmil has been producing and dj’ing under many aliases and in many forms for years, but has now found a flow and sound that until recently eluded him. Releases on Tim Sweeney’s Beats In Space, an e.p, the mysterious HAF001 and now the debut album appearing on cologne’s own PNN, are sure to make 2014 a busy one for Matt Karmil.


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