#BloodForAlbum: Dye “Cocktail Citron”


I love pop music, especially when it’s tasty and spiced up with warm synths. And this is exactly the case, which found the place at Joakim’s label “Tigersushi“. My hemoglobin goes to “Downlovers“. For more information check the summarised text below and don’t miss Dye’s “Fantasy” youtube phenomenon …

DyE aka Juan de Guillebon is an advanced receptor transmitter of melodies and sounds for the young generation. When music – from the seventies to 2015, from Bruce Springsteen to Daphni – travels through him it’s processed by filters, hardware living machines and magical organs, to become new music. Music that seems to describe a trance towards the stars and the future, where the future is to awake vocations and dreams – straight from his home-studio « à la Jamaicaine » as he likes to call it.

Like a resonance of his work as a remixer or as a bass player with Joakim, Bot’Ox, Aladdin, Rachid Taha and many more, this record is also about free encounters. May DyE be a solo project, may Juan know how to sing (Downlovers, Steel Life), he’s making a point in inviting people from other dimensions to expand the spectrum of words and sound (legendary Egyptian Lover on She’s Bad, Angie David on Cocktail Citron, Guillaume Teyssier – as a faithful author from DyE’s debut – on Downlovers and Steel Life etc.).

DyE’s music has proven to be universal with the “Fantasy” youtube phenomenon (more than 45 million views), it is universal because everyone has been a child and we’ve all been wondering about how to be as an adult and how to find love. To become a magician with music is a fair choice and a funny odyssey. “Cocktail Citron” is DyE’s new magic formula, on a Tigersushi plate. It will move you from the inside, as it brings the eternal return of the little boy or little girl you are.


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