Classics vinyl hunt: Various Artists “Hardcore Traxx: Dance Mania Records (1986 – 1995)”


What a record! A bunch of Ghetto house classics from the legendary Disco Mania, released by London based Strut Records – label, dedicated to unearthing the lost gems of dance music past. Quite a lot of history material over here, which i will try to summarise. Hardcore Traxx: Dance Mania Records 1986-1997 is the first definitive retrospective of one of Chicago’s most important and innovative house music labels. Emerging as a raw alternative to the powerhouses of Trax and DJ International during the mid-’80s, Dance Mania continued to represent street-level Chicago club music into the ’90s, helping to pioneer the Ghetto House sound. Hardcore Traxx traces the full story of the label from its heyday. Founded in 1985 and managed by Ray Barney (explore his basement in this video), label became a trustworthy outlet for early house and acid productions by upcoming Chicago artists such as Lil Louis, Marshall Jefferson and Farley Keith aka Farkey ‘Jackmaster’ Funk. Into the ’90s the groundbreaking “Hit It From The Back” by Traxmen and Eric Martin, ushering in a primitive new sound around faster, stripped down rhythms and X-rated party-starting lyric lines. Barney remembers, “Guys used to call in and ask for music on Dance Mania – they were saying, ‘gimme some of that ghetto stuff.” Dance Mania producer DJ Slugo adds, “when we made Ghetto House… we made music for the bitches. Music for the grinding sh*t and all of that”. Also definitely check Grandfathers talking themselves about their baby on Youtube.  A must record in each house lover’s collection. Back to the roots!


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