Missed and found: Andrew Weatherall “Nine O’Clock Drop”


I have been many years after this compilation. Mr. ANDREW WEATHERALL (yes, capital letters indeed) – one of the probably oldest and personally most inspiring dj in the world alive  – has compiled in year 2000 this obscure material.  “Nine O’Clock Drop is an assembly of a baker’s dozen of the ever-evolving Andrew Weatherall‘s favorite electro-leaning tracks from the first half of the ’80s, thus paying something of a debt to the sounds that have influenced him throughout his illustrious career as a DJ and producer. This certainly isn’t your everyday dance music compilation featuring tracks from the ’80s. Many of the selections are quite obscure, and it’s no mere nostalgia kick either; thanks to the late ’90s and early ’00s resurgence of electronic pop, the endless recycling of many of these songs through sampling, and the outright timelessness of some of this material, Nine O’Clock Drop won’t be something you enjoy once or twice and then forget about.” Compilation includes tracks from: 23 Skidoo, Dominatrix, Warm Leatherette, Shriekback, Colourbox, Gina X Performance, Torch Song, Aswad, Chris & Cosey, Quando Quando, Certain Ratio and 400 Blows. October Love Song (s) !

P.S. If you have some spare time, check a very sensible interview with the master himself: FACT TV: In the studio with… Andrew Weatherall.


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