Bootleg vinyl hunt: VA “Rimini 4” (Chad Valley re-edit by Kim Brown)


First, it is important to visit your local record shop for surprise discoveries. Second, to write a blog to find who’s behind them. In my case it was Grooveattack Records and this bootleg 12″, for which i had to google a lot in order to find who are behind it. In my case it is all about Chad Valley’s Fell 4 U re-edits (very funny what says Wikipedia about Chad Valley). Actually Chad Valley aka Hugo Manuel is a 26-year-old from Oxford, England, who also fronts the shape-shifting indie-pop band Jonquil (more info here). The re-edits were done by Kim Brown, who are two producers from Berlin –  Ji-Hun Kim and Julian Braunthe (sorry i can not go deeper, but they have fantastic production). Extra track “Kobo” is a tool from the Dutch guy Oceanic. It’s an African inspired dance track with warm air horns. To finalise, klick the artwork and let the sinppets speak for them selves. Tip. Most record stores say “one record per customer” so don’t miss it!


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