Blood for album: Damiano Von Erckert “Love Based Music”


Not really my typical cup of tea. But maybe it has something to do with my house roots, supprot for my city of residence and the fact that i just got married. Amazing Damiano Von Erckert‘ s – founder’s and mastermind’s of Cologne’s label “Ava.“– first solo Album with a hand-made album cover (like most of Ava. releases comes with). “Love Based Music” is the pure mirror of Ava.’s and artists musical soul.  Features, co-productions and bonus remixes of Motor City Drum Ensemble, Georgia Anne Muldrow, Tito Wun aka Twit One, Funkycan and Imam Ally-Salaam. The album comes with an extraordinary art movie called “Time Sucker” on DVD by artist Hermes Katharis Villena Silva, which is a visual concept and documentation of this release. My loudest applauses goes to the song “Hollywood (feat. georgia anne muldrow)“. Pure Love inside. Ye!


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