Saturday vinyl hunt: Ptaki / Maciek Sienkiewicz “The Very Polish Cut Outs Vol.1”


Nowadays it takes weeks to find a pearls in todays music overdose, but when it happens, it is totally unexpected and not exactly what you was looking for. This record perfectly confirms my statement. My personal perl in the chain is Krystyna by Ptaki.  No personal background information on this, so here summarised promo text with my comments and links: “After storming the charts in 2012 with mysterious 7 inch championed by Todd Terje & many others, Zambon & Kapsa – the guys from The Very Polish Cut Outs are back with more goods! Following the successful debut, they bring us a delicious 12 inch release with 4 amazing edits based on obscure Polish records from the 80s. A Side is curated by Ptaki (which means birds in Polish), a mysterious duo hailing from Warsaw. They serve two amazing cuts here, both based on obscure Polish jazzfunk. Krystyna is the choice cut, with its infectious vocal hook and irresistible groove. Marek is a piece of wonderful Balearic slow house with rich rhythm and crazy synth action in the middle. B Side comes from Maciek Sienkiewicz (ex-techno fan i guess), one of the finest purveyors of Balearic grooves in Poland. Song For Mohindar is the lead track, with its ethereal new-age atmospherics and exotic instrumentation. Syntetyczna Kobieta Lux is an electronic burner that you may (or may not) know from last years TVPC Beats In Space show“. Fresh wind for broader electronic music lovers!


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