Saturday vinyl hunt: Matthew Dear “Fighting is Futile” (Remixes)

Matthew Dear - Fighting is Futile (Seth Troxler Remix)

When i think about Mathew Dear i always have a picture in front of me how a young cowboy from Texas is finding his love for electronic music. I do not know, where i picked it up, but this disclaims the cliche that you must be born in one of the metropolitan cities in order to establish yourself as a well known international artist. There is no need to present this production maestro, experimental pop visionary and Ghostly International label co-founder as well as his brilliant solo releases or dancefloor hits under his Audion project. I can not stop myself to mention his album “Assa Breed” which personally for me is one of the best albums ever. Let’s go back to the record. Matthew Dear breaks out a roll call of remixers for the release of “Fighting is Futile”, the third single off his acclaimed latest album Beams. The single comes accompanied by four remixes, each holding a mirror to the original and refracting it into a surfeit of fascinating new forms. Seth Troxler’s remix left no qustion marks to “hunt” this EP.


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