Blood for album: Daniel Maloso “In And Out”

My blood is not enough for so many good albums, which came out in the last 8 weeks (this is the interval of time, which muss pass between my blood donations).  This time it is a second album on of my favourite Matias Aguayo label “Cómeme“, which stands for unique latin american influenced electronica sound.  Cómeme means a body that gives itself away, and it perfectly fits to my blog category “Blood for album“. Daniel Maloso was born and raised in Monterrey, Mexico. As a multidisciplinary musician, producer and audio engineer he has been working with Matias Aguayo and the Cómeme crew in the past years doing acclaimed releases and trailblazing clubs around Europe. Daniels album is just brilliant. “Body music” in two words. All tracks are versatile and very dance floor orientated, which is recently quite rare. Full albums preview here. Tip!


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