Blood for album: Michael Mayer “Mantasy”

Say my name + “Y” and this the name of Michael Mayer‘s 2nd solo album after 8 years break. It is quite difficult for me to evaluate this peace of work, as expectations are higher that ever. Michel Mayer is one of my most respected djs and remixers, co-owner and runner of my favourite & local label “Kompakt” and even a role model in some way. To be honest i was expecting more a dance floor orientated album like album’s best track “Voigt Kapff Test“, but the result is a more mature and overall summary of Michaels or even Kompakt’s sound. It is more evolution then revolution but that is why i value Michaels ability to stay consistent and modern at the same time. Artist himself about the album: “MANTASY clearly reflects the gazillions of sounds I’m listening to in private, especially my love for soundtracks or soundtrack-like music.”. To put it one sentence “MANTASY is an intimate trip to the core of the Kompakt sound itself, whose main ambassador has always been Michael Mayer”. Quality!


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