Saturday vinyl hunt: Barker and Baumecker “A Murder Of Crows EP”

I hunted an inverted holy spirit for Eastern. Extraordinary Berghain peak-time techno. Andreas Baumecker and Sam Barker (Voltek) deliver their second 12“ for Ostgut Ton, the label of the legendary Berlins club “Berghain” managed by Nick Höppner (i am happy to swank, that i personally guided him through winterish Vilnius during My My album tour). Ostgut Ton once again proves its modern view of techno. My applause goes to “A Murder Of Crows (Part 1)“, which is produced to burn the floor: “the dark techno, deep moods and killer breaks lend themselves perfectly to feed the dance hungry crowds and the far away siren takes care of the shivers down your spine, with this track they manage to perfectly combine technical expertise in sound design with dance floor sensitivity.”


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