Saturday vinyl hunt: Rebolledo “Super Vato” LP

Extraordinary album from Maxican’s finest Rebolledo on extraordinary German-Chilean Mattias Aguayo label Cómeme. The cocktail of modern synth-wave, South American percussions and rule breaking melody structures.  “Super Vato” – a album of ten hypnotic tracks that pool together all temptations of the night. Cinematic beat music, full of psychedelic drill. A record like a John Carpenter movie: foggy, dark, thrilling, and full of scary special effect. With the help of befriended singers and musicians such as Rodrigo Cano, Matias Aguayo, Superpitcher, Diegors, Raquel Wolff, Miriam Torres, and Philipp Gorbachev he grooves towards a new horizon and keeps it raw and basic”. Check audio samples of LP on YouTube or preview the album on Kompakt’s website.


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