Blood for album: Ada “Meine zarten Pfoten”

It became a tradition for me to buy an album after i donate my blood. So i decided to open a new category “Blood for album” for this action, which i regularly perform once in 2 months. After Gold Panda album “Lucky shiner”, my blood goes to the blond electronica princess of Cologne Ada and her second album “Meine zarten Pfoten” (trans. My tender paws) which was released on Dj Koze‘s label Pampa.  The album is perfectly described in 5 sentences from promotional text “This record is your friend. It s a shining light of beauty, glowing from the inside. Humans have feelings. And it s only the noblest of feelings that these nine songs arouse. After listening to them you’re left with a slightly sheepish smile on your face”.  Surprise inside – a 7″ with “Faith” remix by Dj Koze and instrumental version of “Likely” (check video by the29nov Films). Nice exclusive benefit for vinyl lovers. By the way, the cover was painted by Dj Koze himself.


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