Saturday vinyl hunt: Factory Floor “~(Real Love)”

This staurday i hunted a flashback. Dirty synth euphoria. London-based trio Factory Floor: Nik Colk (guitar/vocals/electronics), Gabe Gurnsey (drums/ electronics) and Dom Butler (electronics/vocals) who were already touring with Sonic Youth and Fuck Buttons. And my old love JD Twitch from Optimo on the B side, who is in the unique position of doing a remix for Factory Floor. Original is a speedy killer. Optimo Espacio remix… well let the author speak on his own: “There is so much bland dance music out there. There is also so much dance music out there that is “noisy” but in a really bad way. I wanted to do something that was super intense – a wall of euphoric sound but that wasn’t noise in an inane ear grating way. I also liked the idea of not doing something totally linear that built to a single peak but rather swelled and ebbed with several peaks. Ultimately I was trying to capture how they make me feel when I have seen them live.” (taken from The Quietus)


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